Hugo Boss 1042/s Optyl Sunglasses


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Hugo Boss 1042/s Optyl Sunglasses

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These vintage inspired aviator-shaped sunglasses are quintessentially classic and ultra-stylish. In particular they look fantastic with either a formal or casual suit. Our pick as one of the coolest men’s sunglasses from the Hugo Boss collection, the 1042/s combines a gloss dark tortoiseshell frame with retro G-15 lenses. And if you needed any more reason to choose the 1042/s sunglasses, they are even made from a magic material – optyl.







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Why G15 Lenses?

Solid colors, genuine since 1937, the Classic G-15 was originally developed for military use, offers a high level of clarity, comfort and protection.
Light conditions: Low light to Sunny (versatile).

By absorbing 85% of visible light and blocking out most of the blue light, green lenses provide remarkable color contrast. G-15 green lenses ensure better clarity of vision and a more “natural vision”.






  • Low weight (20% lighter than other similar polymers)…
  • Flexible, comfortable and adaptable to the face shape…
  • Memory effect – by heating it to 80-120°C, Optyl can be adapted to fit the anatomy of the face, and when the material cools – the new form is maintained. When heated up to the `memory` temperature again, it returns to its original shape…
  • Heat resistant and mechanically strong. Non-deformable, the original shape of the glasses is maintained in all situations…
  • Contains no plastifiers, hypo-allergenic and non-irritant…
  • Obtained via vacuum casting technology, 3-dimensional design and unique color effects.
Frame Colour

Black, Dark Tortoiseshell

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