Eschenbach maxDETAIL Clip


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The MaxTV Clip is a convenient 2x clip-on telescopic system that attaches to eyewear and magnifies objects (for example, a TV) that are approximately 10 feet away. To use, squeeze the clip to separate the prongs and then attach the product to the bridge of the eyewear and release the clip.

Recipes, manuals & instructions are all now easier to see. The Eschenbach max DETAIL Clip allows the wearer a 2x magnification with the advantage of leaving their hands free to complete the chosen task. Specially designed for spectacle wearers, the maxDETAIL clip provides a 2x magnification at a 16″ working distance and can be flipped up when not required.
Whether work or leisure, if hands-free magnification is required, the Eschenbach max DETAIL clip is the perfect solution.

  • 2x magnification
  • For spectacle wearers
  • Both hands are kept free for carrying out intricate work, handicrafts or reading.
  • Comfortable working distance and large visual field; lightweight, contemporary design.
  • Modern, practical design.

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