Eco Arve with Hoya Blue Control



Eco Arve BioBased frames with Hoya Blue Control lenses

  • Including Hoya Blue Control lenses worth £99.00
  • Free Postage
  • In-Stock
  • A tree is planted for each Eco pair purchased
  • Available in prescription – REQUEST A QUOTE

Arve is 2020. It is the right combination of extravagance and sustainability with an added note of modernity. This bold deep oval design comes in four colours: Smoke, Black Gradient, Green and Coral. They can be customized with matching clip-ons.


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Extra comfort in a digital world

Effective Blue Light Protection

Smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions have become a vital part of our everyday lives. Research* has shown that 83% of spectacle wearers experience some form of eye stress during or after using digital devices. This includes eye strain, eye fatigue, and even sleeplessness. * Millward Brown, November 2012

About BlueControl
BlueControl reduces the blue light emitted by digital screens, minimising glare and enhancing contrast. Effective blue light protection keeps the eyes in better condition while offering a more comfortable and relaxed vision. BlueControl is highly recommended for people who spend extended periods with digital screens, including students, gamers, young professionals and office workers.

Available in combination with Hoya’s Hi-Vision LongLife, which is is a durable anti-reflective coating, BlueControl:

  • Provides blue light protection, helping to prevent eye strain and fatigue
  • Reduces glare for a more comfortable and relaxed vision
  • Enhances contrast, improving clarity and colour perceptive


Frame Colour

Black Gradient, Coral

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