Anglo American Optical Fitz




As worn by Robert in this video:


The Anglo American Optical Story

A Family Business established in 1882.

Anglo American Optical are a trusted retro eyewear designer with a long history. They value creativity, style and sophistication, quality materials and the integrity of a family business.

High Quality Materials Make Trusted Products

Anglo American Optical frames are made of lightweight acetate, which is based on cotton or tree pulp. It’s an all-natural hypoallergenic material that ensures there is very minimal chance of a reaction.

Who Has Worn Our Frames?

Besides the youth of today, those who have been loyal customers for 40 years or more, and everyone in between, their frames have been worn by Kim Basinger in the 1989 Batman, Christopher Reeves in “Superman”, Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall”, Barry Humphries, Dame Edna, Woody Allen and Elton John, and many others

Frame Colour

Black, DB2Matt2, G106, HYRG, OP2/BLK, OP23, OP24, SBBT, SBBY, TOLMatt, TOWR

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