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Prescription Sunglasses in FulwoodSummer’s here and you’re thinking about buying new prescription sunglasses in Fulwood. For those of us who need to wear eyeglasses, one of the most frustrating things is to have to hunt for those fiddly little clip-ons or magnetic attached lenses to wear over your own spectacles. On the other hand, prescription sunglasses offered by many opticians seem to be boring and at least five years out of style! Another advantage of prescription sunglasses is for those who wear contact lenses – prescription sunglasses are a much more practical option, especially when you’re on the beach or traveling. Today, with the aid of modern technology, prescription sunglasses are available in almost all the available lens types – be it progressive, bi-focals or even swimming goggles. Materials may include high-index polycarbonate, plastic or other compounds apart from conventional glass. UV glare-protection is essential for all sunglasses. Photochromic lenses are a great option for prescription sunglasses as they adjust glare accordingly. Polarized sunglasses reflect back the glare from water and sand, thus helping to reduce glare further. Frames are also available in many materials, colours and styles, including light-weight. Rimless and wraparounds are other style options.

In Fulwood, prescription sunglasses are available from most of the reputed opticians. Some of these may offer online purchase for people who are comfortable with this process, but brick-and-mortar is preferable where your eyes are concerned! Most reputable firms stock a variety of frames and lenses. These are available in the latest global trends and in a variety of designer brands. A well-established firm like The Spectacle Factory may also conduct NHS testing, but if you don’t qualify, their rates are affordable. Safety/sports eyewear are other items on their inventory. These are used by defense/police personnel and firearms professionals.

Based on your style, budget and purpose, go ahead and select the best prescription sunglasses in Fulwood. One of the advantages of modern technology is that today one doesn’t have to wait for days to get spectacles made. It’s all over in a matter of an hour or two while you finish your shopping or get lunch! If you would like to know more about prescription sunglasses, contact The Spectacle Factory today.

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