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You can Choose Professionally Fitted Glasses in Chorley for Your Best Vision

Professionally fitted glasses in Chorley are the difference between mediocre and fantastic. Every person is unique. Each person’s face has different measurements. In addition, every person has different eyes. It makes sense then to have your glasses professionally fitted to your specific requirements. This is where we can assist. When we perform your eye test, we’ll have the right prescription for your eyes. Once the prescription is ready, you’ll be able to choose from a huge range of frames for your glasses. The best frames are chosen that will suit the unique shape of your face.

Zeiss Visufit 1000 technology is what we use to ensure a perfect fit. In Chorley, professionally fitted glasses will improve your eyesight and enhance your comfort. The technology we use considers every aspect of your face, your posture and your preference.  You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of excellent quality frames for your glasses. In addition, we can provide advice on the frames that best suit your facial profile. After choosing your frames, we use the Visufit 1000 device to generate 3D images and compare how you look with them. The 3D images show how everyone else would see you with the glasses. Unlike the traditional unidirectional mirrors, our Visufit 1000 shows how the glasses you chose sit on your face from different angles. This helps you make your final choice on the frames you prefer, and fit comfortably.

You can rely on our experts for the best professionally fitted glasses in Chorley. The Visufit 1000 technology coupled with our expertise ensures that you have the right glasses for your unique features. In addition, We fabricate most of our prescription glasses on-site while you wait. As such, we can include all the adjustments the Visufit 1000 system generates. If you are looking for professionally fitted glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory today. Poorly fitted glasses interfere with your focus and posture. They force you to strain your eyes to see clearly. There is no need to rely on a pair of glasses that are uncomfortable and do not fit as they should. We have been developing eyewear in the UK since 1996. Hence, e continue to offer our expert services to all our clients


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