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Want The Best Eyewear for Running?

If you want to be at the top of your game, you need the right eyewear. Proper running glasses keep you from being distracted by glare and/or debris in your eyes and focussed on your goal.

But ordinary glasses just won’t do. They tend to slip off a lot and limit your field of view.

As specialists in sports eyewear, we are constantly searching for the latest technology to boost our clients’ performance… whether for Golf, Cycling, Cricket, Football, or for Running and Athletics.

Here’s my selection for the 2 best frames for Running and Athletics:

The Nike Vaporwind

The Vaporwind is an entirely new concept. It was designed to create the lightest, most aerodynamic frame with unlimited field of view.

Nike teamed up with Zeiss who produced state-of-the-art lenses that offer incredible clarity and acuity while you’re training and competing. Produced in an innovative, custom mold and polished to an extraordinary degree, the lenses have a virtually flawless surface for ultra-precise vision.

But it wasn’t easy… here’s a cool video on the challenges Zeiss faced:

For those who need prescription running glasses, the best solution is Nike’s range of slightly more conventional sports eyewear.

They combine extreme comfort with superb grip, really important if you’re going on a long run. The one thing you don’t want to have to be doing is constantly pushing your glasses back up as they slip down your nose. And with Nike sports eyewear you won’t have to.

We can customise these with virtually any type of lens. My personal recommendation is usually Transitions lenses, which allow your running glasses to adapt to the conditions (which can often change whilst you’re running). For more on that, check out my previous blog on the subject:

If you’ve any questions about sports vision or sports eyewear, you can contact me on twitter @specfactory or give us a call on 01772 312213.

We have an excellent range in stock so why not arrange a free consultation. We’ll sit down with you, discuss your needs, and present you a variety of different options to help you get the best possible vision and comfort so you can perform at your best.


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