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Round Glasses vs. Cat Eye Glasses

Both styles are massively in fashion at the moment. But which one to go with? Well the easy answer if you’re a man is not the cat eye! (although as one client confidently corrected me last month, “what does masculine or feminine mean anyway?!”). But that aside, just how round or how cat eye should you go with your glasses? That’s up to you. But in this blog I’ll try to provide an overview of the various looks within these two particular styles, so you can get a feel for just how daring you want to be.

Let’s start with Cat Eye’s first. This should be the simplest as realistically it’s a purely ladies style.

To kick things off, here’s a very easy to wear shape from Marc Jacobs:

If you’re a lady looking for new glasses, this kind of shape is probably the best place to start (you might go with a lighter colour though, such as tortoiseshell). Although it’s derived from the ‘Geek Chic’ trend, there is accentuation towards the top corners, which is the hallmark of the Cat Eye. You can’t go wrong with this look. It’s cool, but subdued, and safe enough to wear confidently. If you’re looking at that image and saying, “I can’t wear that”, you need to get over it, because anyone can, and if you want to look fashionable in your new glasses, you need to get comfortable with that look to start off with.

Moving on to something a bit more quirky, this style from MODO is a slightly more rounded Cat Eye, incorporating colour and is also what I call a combination frame, i.e. metal and plastic, which is really on-trend right now.

In the sense that it’s finer, and not all plastic, this frame is more subtle. However paradoxically it is more eye-catching, thanks to the differences I previously mentioned. It’s interesting the way eyewear works, in that sense.

Last of all, here’s an example of a really bold Cat Eye, from French designer Volte Face.

I love how the detail in the front brings even more attention to the corners than the shape itself does. And the contrast between the darkness of the front and the lightness of the sides is great too. This is a really trendy and feminine style which takes a little bravery to wear, but looks amazing.

To choose which is best for you, start with a frame along the lines of the first one I posted. If you’re not sure, try variations (in shape and colour) of it which aren’t too rounded and don’t ‘sweep up’ too much in the corners.

When you get more confident looking at yourself in that kind of style, try frames along the lines of the 2nd and 3rd picture, depending on your character. The 2nd was a more fun, playful look, and the 3rd was a more formal, self-assured look.

So now onto round. Round is different to the cat eye in that it is really a genderless shape. Here’s 2 great looks from J F Rey:

(I love the blue leather to finish this look. It’s an ultra-bold style and if you want people to stop and admire your glasses, this is a great look to go with).

Those are both examples of thicker round frames. Thicker frames portray a more modern, artistic look. It’s great if you’re a confident person and want glasses that stand out. It’s what I wear myself.

But round also works really well in thinner, metal styles. Here’s one from Carrera’s Maverick collection:

This is quite edgy, young, urban and above all cool.

And you can really go as thin as you like with a round shape (even rimless). Here’s one of our best-selling round frames from TITANFLEX.

A finer, smaller round frame like this is definitely smarter, and more classic. It also can work better if you’ve a fairer skin tone, as it’s not too heavy on the face.

Clearly, the focus of this frame is on minimalism, so there’s not a lot to the frame other than its shape. And I like that.

If you go back through the last 4 pictures I’ve posted, you’ll see a journey from thicker to thinner round styles. The key is to find the position you’re most comfortable with, which for most is between 2 and 3, and then find the right colour.

I hope you found this exploration of the variations within these two iconic eyewear shapes useful.

It’s worth checking out our Instagram ( if you want more ideas on frame styles.

During an eyewear consultation, we’ll explore different looks with you, give you honest advice, encourage you to be brave, and make sure you get the perfect glasses for you. Glasses which reflect your character and which you love wearing.

As ever, if you’ve any questions, call us on 01772 312213 or tweet me @specfactory.


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