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Opticians near Fulwood, Expert Eye Care at Excellent Prices

Eye care is made easy when you visit our opticians near Fulwood. Healthy eyes give you more freedom than you can imagine. The ability to read, watch movies and drive without straining your eyes is a wonderful privilege. Several people around the world today have excellent eyesight yet, some need glasses to improve their vision. In the UK, about 69% of the population needs corrective eyewear. With more than half the population needing glasses, you must find quality opticians to prescribe your lenses. Advances in technology have simplified the processes of diagnosing eye problems and prescribing the appropriate care.

With the latest technology, we can accurately diagnose and issue prescription glasses faster than our competitors. Near Fulwood, our opticians are famous for providing prescription glasses within an hour of completing your eye test. Our combination of speed and accuracy sets us apart from our competitors. We have an extensive on-site lab where our specialists fabricate your glasses after you select your frames. The process is made easier by the fact that we have 99% of prescription lenses in stock. Our solutions save you time, money and the stress of walking around without glasses.

Our opticians near Fulwood apply social distancing measures to keep you safe. We’ve invested in technology  to test your eyesight from a safe distance. We use the Zeiss i.Profiler to get your i.ScriptionHence, it’s 25 times more accurate than conventional eye prescriptions. Moreover, We also use Virtual Reality technology to help you see how it would feel to use your prescription glasses. Finally, we use the Visufit 1000 to ensure that the spectacles you choose fit perfectly. We’re one of the leading opticians in the country. If you need to see an optician, contact The Spectacle Factory now. Our staff is friendly and kind.


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