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Kodak Glasses

Kodak glasses, on-site manufacturing, and  unique and innovative frames are some of the things that make The Spectacle Factory the preferred choice for eyewear. With over a 1000 frames from which to choose, you will find the perfect pair for you. If you have the need for something a little different, The Spectacle Factory can also manufacture a bespoke frame just for you. Their on-site manufacturing means your glasses can be made whilst you wait. They can be ready for you within an hour, and you could even have the new lenses put into your old frame. If your glasses are damaged, The Spectacle Factory can repair them for you, most of the time whilst you wait. They can also tint your sunglasses in the colour and shade you want, right there on their premises.

For Kodak glasses, lenses, quality eye tests and the use of technology to improve vision, The Spectacle Factory has it all. The team at The Spectacle Factory is very experienced and qualified. They are thorough in their testing and take up to 50% longer to complete your eye test than the industry average. They use the latest in equipment so you can get the full advantage of advances in optometry. For example you can choose your lens type using their VisuReal software. This is installed on their in-store iPads. It enables you to see how your lens type will make things look.

Whatever your needs, whether it is Kodak glasses or designer frames, The Spectacle Factory can help. They offer a price guarantee so you can rest assured that you receive competitive prices on all their goods. The friendly, professional team will see to all your vision needs quickly and efficiently. There is no need to battle with your eyesight. Whatever may trouble you, The Spectacle Factory will establish what you need and prescribe the right solution for you. Take advantage of the easy parking at The Spectacle Factory, and wait whilst your glasses are made or repaired. With The Spectacle Factory you are guaranteed that your vision will be improved. Contact The Spectacle Factory today to make an appointment or to find out more about Kodak glasses.



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