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Kids Eye Tests in Walton le Dale

Regular kids eye tests in Walton Le Dale are necessary to ensure that your child doesn’t have any undetected or unnoticed vision problems. If your child frequently rubs his eyes, covers her eyes, tilts her head to one side, especially when looking at text, or complains of frequent headaches, it could be that her visual skills are poorly developed or that she may have vision problems. Healthy eyes and vision are an important part of her development, and if she is displaying any symptoms, it would be prudent to have an eye test completed as soon as possible.

At The Spectacle Factory can provide your child with assessment and treatment options from a highly skilled and experienced team of optometrists. In Walton Le Dale, kids eye tests ensure that potential problems are identified at an early age. Our friendly team will make sure that your child understands exactly what the test entails, and will answer any questions she has. We are experienced in providing eye tests to children of all ages, and are understanding and gentle. An eye test will determine if there are any problems such as near or far sightedness, astigmatism, amblyopia, or strabismus. All of which can be treated with correctly prescribed glasses. As we have an on-site manufacturing facility, your child’s glasses can be ready within an hour. We also have a huge range of glasses frames. Perhaps your child could choose her own frames for her glasses. Help your child develop to her best possible potential and ensure regular eye tests.

Kids eye tests in Walton Le Dale can be scheduled when you contact us. We provide the highest standard of care, as well as the most professional and friendly service. In fact, we have received 5 star ratings on Google, something we are proud of. People of all ages can be affected by poor vision, including children. This is why is it important to schedule eye tests  to ensure that any problems are seen to as soon as possible. We use the latest technologies so we are able to give you (and your child) the best vision possible.


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