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Get Ready for the Sun

Since it’s starting to brighten up, it’s time to focus on the latest fashions in sunglasses. Robert Sands from The Spectacle Factory gives us the low down.

As with regular glasses, round is the main shape this season. Although they’re not for everyone, if you pick the right shape and colour it really can work. When brands like Lacoste and Boss are picking up on a style then you know it’s here to stay. It’s a difficult step to make though, because they can feel a little odd at first. But give them plenty of time when you try them on and you may come round.

Metalwork and subtle detailing are also very popular at the moment, which can give a frame distinction without too much fanciness.

In terms of colour, pastels are very in right now, but you can’t go wrong with blue if you want something that will still match most outfits, yet remains vibrant.

The advent of round frames is obviously a consequence of the trend of retro style. Cool brands like Moscot, Oliver Peoples and Anglo American Optical have been manufacturing these shapes for decades and I’m definitely noticing more interest in independent designers who offer something unique rather than the more mainstream high street brands.

You can tweet me @specfactory for any advice you need on choosing the right glasses or sunglasses.

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