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Fast Turnaround Glasses Repair in Preston – Excellent Service at Excellent Prices

People with busy schedules can benefit immensely from fast turnaround glasses repair in Preston. Getting your glasses repairs can be an arduous time-consuming task. The conventional process of getting an eye test and waiting for your glasses can be frustrating. This is especially the case for people with serious vision impairment. Many people would not be able to drive, work or read during the waiting period.  Our company recognises the value of our customers’ time. As such, we developed a process where you can get glasses repairs within one visit.

We use the latest technology to perform eye tests and design the appropriate glasses  within minutes. In Preston, our fast turnaround glasses repair process enables us to make 99% of our prescriptions in less than an hour. further, we can achieve such quick turnaround times because we have an extensive on-site lab. Our optometrists speed up the eye test process by using the Zeiss i.Profiler technology. The i.Profiler maps the ‘fingerprint’ of your eye to produce a unique ‘i.Scription’. The i.Scription is about 25 times more accurate than conventional prescriptions. Next, we combine the use of our Visufit 1000 and Virtual Reality (VR) goggles to help you choose your frames.

Yet, the true secret behind our fast turnaround glasses repair in Preston is our dedicated staff. The technology and gadgets only improve our efficiency. The true talent lies in the hands and hearts of our team. Hence, with a passion for customer satisfaction, we make sure that you enjoy your time with us. Our staff has training in customer care and will treat you with respect. Hence, we love to develop lasting friendships with all our customers. To get in touch with us, call The Spectacle Factory today. Moreover, we’re always happy to hear from our clients.


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