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Are you looking for Mono Vision Contact Lenses in Preston?

If you suffer from presbyopia, you may be considering purchasing mono vision contact lenses in Preston. Typically, the treatment for presbyopia involves the use of bifocal lenses. However, some people are not suited to this type of lens which can cause problems. Additionally, using contact lenses can affect the ability to read and see things that are very close. To rectify this problem, many people use reading glasses in conjunction with their lenses. However, with the introduction of mono vision contact lenses, this problem has been dramatically reduced.

In Preston, mono vision contact lenses involve the user wearing two different types of contact lenses. One type of lens is worn on one eye and the other type of lens on the other eye. Usually, the contact lens that allows the user to see long distances is placed on their strongest or healthiest eye. The weaker eye uses a contact lens that assists the user with seeing things that are close. When both eyes are open, the user can see perfectly over both long and short distances. Mono vision contact lenses have the added benefit of being cheaper to purchase than some other lenses. However, the process of fitting a mono vision lens can be difficult and time consuming. It may involve a number of visits to the optician before they are working perfectly. The process involves trial and error. The lenses are fitted and the user asked to return in a day or two and report on their performance.

There are a number of different variations of mono vision contact lenses in Preston. Your optician will be able to recommend the type of option that is most suitable for you. The two main variations that are available are mini-monovision lenses and modified mono vision lenses. The mini-monovision option is perfect for people who require greater precision over long distances but have relatively sharp vision over shorter distances. Modified mono vision works on the same principle but involves a single lens on one eye and a bifocal lens on the other. To get your monovision lens call The Spectacle Factory.



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