Opticians in Elston

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Opticians in ElstonThere are opticians in Elston and then there is The Spectacle Factory. We do things a little different than your average opticians. Other opticians can certainly give you an eye exam, prescribe prescription glasses that will improve your vision and offer you a selection of frames from which to choose. Here at The Spectacle Factory, we aspire to enable our clients to see better than they’ve ever seen before. To achieve that, we do all the same things you would expect from an Optician, but we take each step and refine it for a more exact outcome. It starts when you walk in the door. You’ll need to allow more time, about 90 minutes, for your initial test because we incorporate a few extra techniques into the process to find your best prescription.

New technology has had a positive impact on how we vision test and prepare prescription lenses. In Elston, opticians here at The Spectacle Factory use that new technology, which is as easy as looking at an IPad, to allow you to see the world as you should. You will see with more clarity, better contrast, better night vision, wider peripheral vision. Your vision will be Hi Def instead of just better or within an acceptable range. Most of the time we can have your lenses ready the same day even though a bit more effort goes into making them. We can refine your prescription so it’s the best possible but the lenses must be made to reflect that. High standards, patience and new technology allows us to achieve that for you.

The frames you choose can impact your vision but many opticians in Elston fail to mention that to clients. You may choose a trendy frame but if it interferes with peripheral vision it’s not worth it. What happens more often with frames is they are not fitted perfectly. Again, we use new technology to fit your glasses so they sit naturally on your face based on your posture. Speaking of frames; we have over 1000 from which to choose. We have plain, ornate, cheap, expensive, designer and some you have never heard of but might just love. Contact us and schedule your eye exam today. The world awaits and you haven’t even really seen it yet. But you will.

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