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Opticians Near Chorley

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Opticians Near ChorleyYour eyes are precious and deserve the attention of the best opticians near Chorley. The Spectacle Factory is proud to offer you world-class services at prices that will delight and surprise you. As a local firm,  we stay in sync with your needs and preferences. We also ensure that we keep in touch with the prevailing trends across the sector. We invest in people, training, technology and products so that our clients can enjoy the benefits. Our modern, spacious retail location in Preston is purpose built for your convenience and comfort. Our selection of excellent quality frames includes the leading brands as well as budget options. We have almost 99% of lenses in our inventory, so we can manufacture your glasses while you wait.

If you need designer sunglasses, take a look at our dazzling selection. Near Chorley, opticians who are part of our team are approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. Our services extend far beyond that first appointment. We offer continuous support and services that include several good benefits to customers. All our products come with a guarantee and if you’re in any way dissatisfied, you can have them replaced within three weeks. No questions asked! Free servicing, repairs and adjustments are also a part of the benefits you will enjoy. We also feature the best quality kids’ glasses that are sturdy, affordable and great looking. You will also find a great choice in safety and sports wear glasses.

Very few opticians near Chorley offer services such as ours. We are the proud winners of several awards. These include, in 2020, the South Ribble community awards. While these awards are great,  we value your recommendations and testimonials even more. Contact The Spectacle Factory for more information on our range of products and services. We also give you a reminder every six months to service your glasses, free of charge. This includes a thorough deep cleaning using an ultrasonic bath. We also check every screw, hinge and joint thoroughly and replace consumable parts. This ensures that your glasses continue to fit you perfectly.

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