Kids Eye Tests in Walton Le Dale

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Kids Eye Tests in Walton Le Dale Ensuring that your child benefits from regular kid’s eye tests in Walton Le Dale can help them in a number of ways. A surprisingly high percentage of young children suffer from an eye problem during their early years. Most eye clinics provide NHS funded treatments which makes eye testing affordable for everyone. One such clinic is the Spectacle Factory which specialises in eye tests and treatments for children. They possess a team of experienced staff members including optometrists such as James Goloba who has over twenty year’s worth of experience and Neil Retallic who also provides tuition for people studying to become optometrists. The team is completed by Dr Aleksandra Mankowska who also operates a hospital clinic. This means that your child will obtain assessment and treatment options from a highly skilled and experienced team of optometrists.

In Walton Le Dale, kid’s eye tests ensure that potential problems are identified at an early age. In most cases, this means that the treatment is much simpler and has a higher chance of success. Healthy eyes and good vision plays an important role in the early life of a child. They spend most of their early years learning new skills. These skills can be both mental and physical. In order to maximise their learning, they require a number of attributes provided by their eyes. One of these attributes is in relation to hand to eye co-ordination. Simple tasks that adults take for granted can be difficult for younger children. High levels of hand to eye co-ordination can make these tasks much easier.

Regular kid’s eye tests in Walton Le Dale provide children with the tools for learning new skills. The eyes are used in almost every activity so it is vital they remain in good condition. An eye examination can ensure that your child benefits from excellent levels of peripheral awareness and binocular co-ordination. In addition to this, both near and far vision will be assessed and corrective measures put in place to improve these aspects if they are required. To have your kids tested call The Spectacle Factory today!

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