John Lennon Glasses

John Lennon Glasses

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John Lennon GlassesJohn Lennon glasses are a brilliant way to show your devotion to the legendary singer-songwriter. Eyeglasses were once seen as unfashionable, but when the popular Beatle appeared in photographs in the 60s and 70s sporting weird, perfectly round glasses, everybody wanted to copy this signature look. John Lennon has inspired thousands of people just by being unique – from his great talent to his personal style. If you want your glasses to carry the John Lennon stamp, why not look at what The Spectacle Factory has for you? They can offer you the most unique and innovative designs you’ve ever seen.

John Lennon Glasses, referred to as ‘Granny Glasses’ are available in all the most popular sizes. They’re cool and ‘hippy’, and also available as sunglasses. You can pick from different colours and materials, though it’s the thin metal frame and the circular glasses that were his trademark. The glasses are available for leisure and business wear and are also supplied with prescription lenses. The Spectacle Factory insists on 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Their expert optometrists spend 50% longer than the industry average, and also use the latest equipment to ensure customers get the most accurate results. They analyse your eyes, making use of the most sophisticated measuring system, the iTerminal, and make use of this data to present you with exceptional glasses.

John Lennon glasses can include your prescription lenses. Contact The Spectacle Factory to find out how John Lennon glasses can be part of your style. The Spectacle Factory also offers great benefits – you’ll receive free repair services, free warranties and free maintenance for life. You’ll also be invited every 6 months to come in for a free repair service to your glasses which includes an ultrasonic bath. You too, can wear the round vintage eyeglasses that John Lennon famously wore.

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