Gucci Eyewear has finally come to Preston

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Gucci is a brand renowned for its incredible showcasing of Italian style. For all the fashionistas around, or just those who appreciate nice eyewear, you will be glad to know that Gucci glasses and sunglasses have finally come to Preston. We are proud to now be listed as an official stockist.

If we had to describe the 2021 Gucci eyewear collection in three words they would be: formal, classic, refined. The level of quality across the range is impressive as all models are made either in Italy or Japan and are finished to an excellent standard. We feel Gucci frames are better quality than almost all the other popular ‘designer’ names on the market.

The new collection is comprised of a variety of conventional shapes primarily in black, tortoiseshell and navy blue. The tortoiseshell colour schemes add a slightly more casual side to the very smart black options, whilst the navy-blue frames add a touch of class being the most on-trend colour right now.  

3 styles we love:


Nothing says Gucci quite like a red stripe flanked by either blue or green. Choose these models if you want everyone to know you wear Gucci and you’re proud of the fact. Pair with Gucci trainers for even more style points.

We also appreciate the pop of colour these frames deliver whilst maintaining an overall formal aesthetic.


This ladies’ round optical frame in delicate gold is incredibly feminine and chic. The craftsmanship of the fine Gucci logo silhouetted by the arm represents lovely attention to detail.


There is a whole series of frames which contains beautiful gold metal detailing on the inside of the temples which is paired with a gold Gucci logo on the outside of the temples and Gold accents on the front.

This part of the collection is our absolute favourite. There are a range of optical and sunglass frames which feature this design. They look super-premium and luxurious, and represent stylistically the sheer opulence that Gucci is famous for.

Come and see it!

The entire 2021 Gucci glasses collection is available to view by appointment. Please call us to arrange to visit our Preston store or use our online system to book an eye test at the same time.

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