Golf Sunglasses in Garstang

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Golf Sunglasses in GarstangIf you plan to spend your golden years on the golf course, you should get to The Spectacle Factory today for your protective golf sunglasses in Garstang. Weekends and holidays spent on a sunny golf course is delightful but if you want these days to last forever you need to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays now.  Long term exposure to the Sun’s UV rays may cause temporary vision loss, called photokeratitis. However, it can also cause cataracts, macular degeneration and more. All of which will impair your vision which will interfere with your golf game after retirement. The time to take preventative steps is now and we have what you need to do that at the Spectacle Factory; prescription or non-prescription golf sunglasses.

For golfing enthusiasts in Garstang, golf sunglasses from The Spectacle Factory protect your eyes with the added benefit of making you look good. Our designer frames especially will add a classy look to your profile on the fairway. We stock over 1200 different frames including designer frames for sun protection like Hugo Boss, Nike, Smith Optics and Maui Jim. These are top quality; they block 100% of the sun’s damaging rays. The most desirable lenses wrap around so there is no peripheral exposure. Created for sport activities, the glasses are lightweight and comfortable. In a game where accuracy counts, our protective lenses will make sure you don’t miss a shot due to glare.

At The Spectacle Factory, we take your eye health seriously, even the golf sunglasses in Garstang that you wear. So, if you need prescriptions sunglasses schedule an appointment with us for an eye exam. The exams we perform are unlike any other you’ve had in that it is extensive and more finely tuned than most other ophthalmologist conduct.  The extra effort offers a little more clarity and sharpness to your prescription vision that make a big difference in how well you see. You don’t want to just see better; you want to see as perfectly as possible. Contact The Spectacle Factory today for more about our golf sunglasses. Bring your kids and protect their eyes too. It’s never too soon to teach them to protect their eyes

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