Eye Specialist in Garstang

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Eye Specialist in GarstangAs we get older our eyes deteriorate and an appointment with an eye specialist in Garstang may become necessary. It is unfortunate that many people do not know that they need their eyes tested. If often only becomes apparent when you realise that the article you are reading cannot be held far enough away from your face to be clear. You can buy temporary reading glasses from many places but the problem is that your eyes do not deteriorate at the same rate. Some people have a complete difference of vision in either eye and it is not obvious to them. The one eye will try and compensate for the difference and unknowingly you are putting a lot of stress on both eyes.

Many people need glasses to correct their vision as natural aging begins to affect the eyes. In Garstang, eye specialists are the only way to determine how far the eyes have deteriorated and find the perfect prescription for excellent vision. One of our opticians is a university lecturer and the other is a PhD graduate. They spend 50 % longer than the industry average and use the latest equipment to get the most accurate results possible.  The technology used to make the lenses can have at least as much of impact as the prescription itself. We are a manufacturing optician rated as one of the best in our area. Our workshop can often have your new glasses ready for you quickly and our on-site workshop can ensure that your glasses are a perfect fit for your face

We have top eye specialists in Garstang. Contact The Spectacle Factory today and book an appointment with one of our highly qualified opticians. We will make sure that we examine your eyes carefully before prescribing glasses for you. We make sure that your eyes are thoroughly examined so that we are sure that your eyes are healthy and only need glasses to correct the problem. The sooner you have an eye test the better as many people will go for years without realising that reading glasses will make the world of difference to their vision.

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