Emergency Glasses in Eccleston, When You Need Them

Emergency Glasses in Eccleston

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Emergency Glasses in EcclestonWhy would anyone need emergency glasses in Eccleston? We think of emergencies as threats to safety or well-being. Most opticians seem to think there is no emergency if you need glasses. You can get by during the two weeks between your eye exam and the arrival of your new glasses from the lab. When they do come in you are going to need to schedule another appointment. Hopefully, your optician isn’t too busy for a fitting and to check the prescription works for you. It’s not out of the ordinary for 3 weeks to pass between the time you call to schedule an eye exam and the time you finally leave the opticians office with new glasses. How are you getting along during that time when you need new glasses and you don’t have them?

Most people will manage okay but some are greatly inconvenienced by waiting so long. In Eccleston, emergency glasses would be those you need to read or to drive. At The Spectacle Factory, we don’t distinguish between emergency and non-emergency glasses. We treat each patient as if it’s an emergency. We are a fully equipped state-of-the-art vision facility complete with our own on-site lab and repair centre. For most of our patients, that means you will receive an extensive eye exam and your new glasses the same day. Since our standard is for each person to leave our facility seeing better than ever before, we are thorough in evaluating your prescription needs. Our lab uses only the finest materials and expert technicians to maximise clarity.

For those who depend on receiving emergency glasses in Eccleston, there is no sacrifice of quality to save time. On the contrary, our examination methods and technologically exact fitting equipment leads to best ever vision. What may take extra time is your selection of frames from our extensive collection. We have people to help you with that as well so you find the right size and shape for your face and for unobstructed vision. If you are in need of emergency glasses or even if you’re not in a hurry, contact The Spectacle Factory. We will likely have you in and out in one day and seeing better than ever before. Join our VIP club and receive free maintenance for your glasses at our on-site repair centre.

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