Designer Glasses in Bolton

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Designer Glasses in BoltonWhy settle for the same old boring eyeglass frames this time around when designer glasses in Bolton are gracing the shelves of The Spectacle Factory. Oh, they’re expensive you say? Really? How much did you pay for that last pair of shoes and how often have you worn them? How about lunches and after work drinks? It’s time for a little perspective. Designer glasses will do more for your appearance than the burger and fries at lunch and the nachos and beer after work. They won’t make your feet hurt either. You wear your glasses every day to improve your vision. However, they also serve as an accessory to enhance your appearance. A designer accessory.

The Spectacle Factory doesn’t just have Sophia Loren designer frames either. In Bolton, designer glasses by big names like Boss, Bugatti, Chanel, Gucci, Morano, Police, MODO and hundreds more. Some you may have never heard of but we found them in our travels and couldn’t resist bringing them to you. Ours is probably the largest collection of eyewear anywhere in the North West. Too many choices? No worries! At The Spectacle Factory we have expert advisors on hand to assist finding the right eyewear for you based on four important factors; comfort, style, performance and durability. So your eyewear should be comfortable with a style you love and that compliments the shape of your face, not restrict your vision and stand up to your busy life.

Keep in mind that your designer glasses in Bolton will encase vision correcting lenses that will allow you to see more clearly and sharply than any lenses previously prescribed for you. That’s because The Spectacle Factory takes extra steps determining your exact prescription and our lens making methods result in more clarity. Go ahead and contact us for an appointment. We can make the perfect lens for you and you can choose designer frames perfectly fitted to your face and sized for long lasting comfort. Set aside at least two hours for your appointment with us at The Spectacle Factory. It takes a little longer to finesse your prescription to the best you’ve ever seen. Then, of course, there are all those lovely frames.

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