Chopard Glasses in Hutton

Chopard Glasses In Buckshaw Village

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Chopard Glasses in HuttonGet Chopard glasses in Hutton if you think your eyewear should be as elegant and deluxe as your jewellery! At The Spectacle Factory, you can choose from some of the most opulent collections of glasses from the house of Chopard. Famous for more than 150 years for their luxury watches and jewellery, Chopard began operations as the royal watchmaker to many of the crowned heads of Europe. Today, the company has diversified into fields as wide-ranging as motor-sport racing, eyeglasses, sponsoring the Cannes Film Festival and its famous diamond jewellery collections. Since 2013, it has been promoting its use of ethical, sustainable gold and plans to use it ultimately in all its products.

Chopard uses real gold, Swarovski crystals and gemstones in its high-end designer eye-wear. In Hutton, Chopard glasses are fast becoming the must-have item for ladies. They have an attractive line in men’s glasses as well. Chopard frames are manufactured by De Rigo, the famous Italian manufacturer of designer eye-wear for leading international brands. Chopard comes out with stunning collections like the Imperiale, Happy Diamonds, and Harmony, to match their jewellery collections. Each spectacle frame is hand assembled by professional jewellers. The process is extremely sophisticated and precise, using premium quality materials. We combine traditional goldsmith work with the latest technologies. That’s truly a ritzy collection.

Why not feel like one of the swish set too, with Chopard glasses in Hutton? Recently, at Cannes 2016, celebrities sporting Chopard’s new sunglasses collection manufactured from 23k gold, clear gem zircons and flash colour lenses made quite a splash! The brand also plans to launch fabulous options in carbon fibre, walnut, leather, mahogany and other stylish combinations to suit your flair. Contact The Spectacle Factory today if you would like to find out more about our Chopard glasses. Browse through our exquisite collections and choose the one that best matches your style quotient. Luxury eyeglasses are a timeless classic like your jewellery and they’re meant to last a lifetime. You can even pass them down the generations and be assured that they’ll never go out of fashion. Your children and grandchildren will appreciate them just as much as you did. They’re the perfect accessory!Chopard Glasses in Hutton

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