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Opticians near Lytham

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Opticians near Lytham Consider making an appointment with our opticians near Lytham if you need your eyes checked in the North West. Eyes are sensitive organs that need tender care. We perceive the bulk of our experiences through our eyes. It is said that our eyes are among the most complex organs in our bodies. Access to high-quality equipment enables opticians to obtain accurate eye test results. Any error in prescribing your spectacles can result in long term discomfort and possible damage to your eyes. Conventional eye tests and prescription services can be boring and time-consuming. Yet, we use several modern solutions that enable us to generate more accurate results in less time.

Our eye tests are among the most comprehensive in the industry. Near Lytham, our opticians use the latest technology for effective eye tests. We go beyond testing your eyesight and take a holistic approach to evaluate the overall health of your eyes. Our eye examinations include retinal imaging, contact tonometry, optical coherence tomography and visual fields analysis. We also provide i.scription, the most accurate spectacle prescription assessment. Once your tests are complete, we can begin working on your prescription lenses immediately. With our state-of-the-art on-site spectacle lab, we can make 99% of prescriptions in less than an hour. As such, you can have your eyes tested and glasses made while you wait.

To ensure you fully enjoy your glasses, our opticians near Lytham use the visufit 1000 technology to measure your frames. The Zeiss visufit 1000 technology helps us measure every aspect of how you wear your glasses. These measurements ensure that your glasses sit perfectly on your face to offer maximum comfort and clarity. We also use VR to give you an impression of how it feels to see through your new lenses before we fabricate them. If you are interested in seeing our opticians, contact The Spectacle Factory now to book an appointment. We have put several health and safety protocols in place for your safety. Our opticians are all trained and compliant with the latest social distancing and hygiene protocols.

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