Your Perfect Autumn/Winter Glasses

Whilst the concept of winter tyres or a winter wardrobe is quite a familiar one, less so is the idea of seasonally changing our glasses. But why not? Not only are the conditions and demands on our eyes different than in the summer months, how we feel and the way we dress is too. Therefore, …

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The top 5 latest innovations from Zeiss

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Zeiss. Even if you haven’t, most likely you will have used products that rely on Zeiss technology. From Sony cameras to Apple iPhones, Zeiss lenses help deliver the best possible optics. Simply put, you get a better photograph if it’s shot through a Zeiss lens. https://stories.zeiss.com/en/ But you …

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3 tips to combat night time glare in 2020

25% of driving is at night but 40% of accidents occur at night – and the accident death rate at night is 3 times greater. As an optician, the #1 complaint I hear about from clients is that they have difficulty when driving at night. It has always been the case that our vision simply …

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What are the best varifocal lenses in 2020?

In this blog we take a look at Zeiss SmartLife Varifocal lenses, and why they are probably the best varifocals for you. You can learn more about Zeiss here. 2020 certainly has been a bizarre year. But despite the circumstances there is one societal trend that is not going away (if anything the recent pandemic …

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How to buy eco friendly glasses – on any budget.

When you purchase your next pair of glasses, there are three decisions you will make: Which frames you choose. What lenses you put in those frames. The store you decide to buy them from. Here’s how you can help the environment with each of these choices you make: #1 – Frames If you’re conscious about …

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Zeiss SmartLife lenses


Photography from Zeiss #seeingbeyond conference, Berlin, October 2019 Your visual behaviour has changed. Think about how much time you spend on your smartphone throughout the day. More than you would like to admit? Me too. We were one of only 1,000 optical stores world-wide invited to the Zeiss #seeingbeyond conference in Berlin, October 2019, where …

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Zeiss Lenses

Get the definitive lowdown on prestigious lens manufacturers ZEISS; leading the way with lens technology. Why choose ZEISS lenses?   Most people think that getting the best vision with glasses is all about having your prescription tested and then getting that prescription put into a set of frames. The truth is that the lens technology …

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