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Cartier Approved.

Cartier’s reputation requires no introduction. Most people know Cartier as one of the world’s best jewellery houses, but watch enthusiasts respect them for their beutifully crafted timepieces – and eyewear connoisseurs know that their glasses and sunglasses are second to none. To be elligible to stock the brand, we had to pass a comprehensive survey …

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Gucci Eyewear has finally come to Preston

Gucci is a brand renowned for its incredible showcasing of Italian style. For all the fashionistas around, or just those who appreciate nice eyewear, you will be glad to know that Gucci glasses and sunglasses have finally come to Preston. We are proud to now be listed as an official stockist. If we had to …

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Looking For Lightweight Glasses in 2020?

If you are Looking For Lightweight Glasses have a read of our informative guide on the best picks that are currently out there.   If you want the most comfortable glasses possible, the best way to achieve that is by opting for lightweight frames. Here at The Spectacle Factory, we stock several ranges of ultra-lightweight glasses. …

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3 Tips for beating dry eyes

In 2020, we are detecting more cases than ever of dry eyes. Perhaps it’s due to air polution, or increased time on digital screens. Whatever the cause, the good news is that treatments for dry eyes are better than ever. Dry eye disease is a common condition that occurs when your tears aren’t able to …

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The top 5 latest innovations from Zeiss

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Zeiss. Even if you haven’t, most likely you will have used products that rely on Zeiss technology. From Sony cameras to Apple iPhones, Zeiss lenses help deliver the best possible optics. Simply put, you get a better photograph if it’s shot through a Zeiss lens. But you …

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What are the best varifocal lenses in 2020?

In this blog we take a look at Zeiss SmartLife Varifocal lenses, and why they are probably the best varifocals for you. You can learn more about Zeiss here. 2020 certainly has been a bizarre year. But despite the circumstances there is one societal trend that is not going away (if anything the recent pandemic …

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Trend Alert: Minimalist Glasses

Minimalist products are something that many of us are attracted to. But what defines minimalism? Take an iPad. Beneath its exterior, it might be complex, but aesthetically, it’s simple. Clean. Iconic. It’s a style accessory in addition to its utility. It makes you feel good to own one and use one every day. You can …

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