The Chloé brand represents femininity, modernity, grace and effortlessness as the core characteristics that shape the brand and define the eyewear collection as well.
Chloe Eyewear


Introducing the new Chloé eyewear collection of sunglasses and optical frames. Comprising a range of shapes that are fluid and lightweight, luminous and graceful, each style exudes grace and attitude while elevating the vision of modern femininity.

Each style exudes grace and attitude

The season’s palette of warm nuances and vivid accents is complemented by signature gradient lenses, with crafted embellishments enhancing the couture aesthetic. In the spirit of the Chloé Alphabet, styles are given a distinctive name that adds to their character.


Lightweight frames, iconic embellishments and harmonious contrasts of textures and hues enhance the magnified shapes. The collection reflects a mix of iconic elements such as golden metals, round, retro and oversized shapes, expressed through warm and sandy shades and gradient lenses, true to the Chloé colour palette.

The frames play with shades and volumes

If you are a pragmatic woman and you want to enhance your femininity, Chloé eyewear is the right choice for you. The frames play with shades and volumes, combining soft lines and oversize shapes, giving a timeless elegance to whoever chooses them.


Chloé seeks to promote environmentally responsible business practices. To this end, the company is working to reduce its environmental impact to minimum levels.

Currently, we already offset 100% of our direct GHG emissions, and our headquarters and boutiques in Paris operates on 100% on renewable energy. By 2025, we plan to offset 100% of GHG emissions across our supply chain – spanning raw material production to retail.

Available at the spectacle factory



Eco Friendly


Exclusive to The Spectacle Factory in Lancashire

We are so confident you’ll love your new glasses, we give you a 3 week period to return them to us and we will exchange them for another style, no questions asked.

Love your glasses GUARANTEE


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