Transitions Flash to Mirror

3 reasons why the new Transitions Flash to Mirror lenses are pretty great

  • Eye Health

Transitions Flash to Mirror lenses offer blue light protection even in their clearest state, protecting your eyes from the potentially harmful effects of digital displays and LED light sources. They are fully UV protective against the sun as well when outdoors.

  • Versatility

Having one pair of glasses that does so much is pretty unprecedented. The lenses automatically adjust to light without you having to change to sunglasses. When wearing them I found the light tint was soothing on my eyes when on the computer, the moderate tint was really comfortable for driving, and the full tint was dark enough for most outdoor situations (polarised sunglasses still better though).

  • Style

These lenses can really give your glasses an edge. You can choose from many colours including Blue, Green, Red (which I have), Gold (pictured above) and Silver. You can turn a fairly ordinary frame into something unique just by having these lenses fitted.