Then we’re looking for you. As a company experienced in working with young people, we’ll guide you to reaching the highest level of skill in your profession. We’re on the hunt for a trainee lab technician as well as a trainee optical advisor. Let’s take a look at what both of those roles involve…

Lab Technician

You’ll be working on the manufacture, maintenance and repair of spectacles… which might sound like a simple job. Actually, in our on-site lab we make some of the most complex eyewear in the world. Your job will involve working with glasses made from gold, leather, stone, rubber, titanium and many other exclusive materials. We’ll train you to make each pair perfectly, according to our customers’ high expectations.

Optical Advisor

As an optical advisor, you’ll be responsible for helping our customers find their perfect pair of glasses – which is a hugely important job, because those glasses might be worn every single day by that client for the next few years. We typically spend an hour with each client, getting to know them, finding out what is important to them, getting a sense of their own personal style, and selecting eyewear which reflects their personality. It’s a very personal thing, and so listening skills are crucial, as well as an excellent fashion sense.



If you’re interested, please contact Ruth on 01772 312213 or email her at