The Porsche Design 8478

Few sunglasses have stood the test of time like this one. Originally released in 1978 and known as ‘Exklusivbrille’ or ‘The Exclusive, The PD8478 was a trademark of celebrities back then and still is now. Not only that, but it consistently sells out. We are one of a handful of stores in the North-West that have it in stock (for now).

Huge stars including Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Kim Kardashian wear the 8478

The oversized teardrop shape, as well as the extreme lightness of the frame, made it an instant hit. Comfortable, super-stylish and strong, the PD 8478 has remained as timeless as it was back in the 70s. If anything, its popularity has only increased since then.

Kris Jenner wearing the 8478

As an added bonus, the Porsche Design 8478 features an ingenious screwless lens interchange system, which allows you to switch lens colours quickly and easily. This is an example of the Porsche engineers’ influence.

These iconic shades can be fitted with almost any lens colour.

Even Forbes recently published an article celebrating the 40th birthday of Porsche Design’s most famous sunglasses. That shows just how influential this design has been on the world of fashion. Last year I even spotted Johnny Depp wearing it in the movie Black Mass:

For those wondering about whether Porsche Design is just another name, here’s a quote from the aforementioned Forbes article:

“The reason why the car company’s product arm is so special is because the design team treats each item they make with the same sense of engineering they apply to their cars. This philosophy was handed down from Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the founder of Porsche Design, who was also the creator of the Porsche 911.”

To craft a product that has as much impact on the world as the 8478 is the dream of every designer. The PD9478 is one of the biggest success stories in eyewear, and, indeed, product design in general.