Glasses with Shoes

A closer look at Face a Face eyewear

When it comes to fashion, Paris is not a bad place to look to for inspiration. You may not have heard of them, but Face a Face are one of the elite eyewear brands from France’s capital city.

In this blog, I’m going to look at 2 special collections from Face a Face – ‘Bocca’ for ladies and ‘Alium’ for men, both of which are completely unique, stylish and high quality.


Pascal Jaulent, Face a Face founder.

Bocca frames are characterised by the amazing shoes at the end of each leg. When I met with Pascal Jaulent, one of the founders of Face a Face, he told me he ‘wanted to create something that made people smile whenever they took their glasses out of the case.’ If you’re a lady who loves her shoes, then these glasses will certainly do that.

There are many shapes and colours within the Bocca collection, and each model has a different shoe!

Face a Face are probably best at cat’s eye shapes; in fact I would say they are the best brand on the market if that’s the style you’d like. Here’s a perfect example:

But if you prefer square, or round, they do that too!


The Alium collection is all about the use of aluminium. Aluminium is a really unusual material to use in eyewear because it’s difficult to work with, but it has some unique properties.

The main benefit of using aluminium in my opinion is you can get some absolutely incredible, vibrant colours compared to more standard metals like steel.

And that’s one of the best things about Alium frames: whether you’re looking for a bright colour or a more subtle one, Alium makes it interesting. The bright colours are that bit brighter, but even a black or khaki green looks special in aluminium. They kind of have an iridescent finish which looks different in different light.

The other great thing about aluminium is how lightweight it is. This has allowed Face a Face to produce frames that look bold and modern, but don’t weigh much more than something that might look much lighter. Therefore they are incredibly comfortable.

Alium Wire

The newest release within the Alium line is the Alium Wire series. These are 2 models each with a thin aluminium strip at the bottom in a contrasting colour. This allows you to have a brighter colour without it being too much. For example, having a bright yellow pair of glasses is not something most guys would feel comfortable wearing, however just having a touch of yellow and the rest in black is cool but wearable at the same time.

I hope you found this blog inspiring.

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