Everything you need to know about Gaming Glasses

Gaming is becoming increasingly popular as well as more mainstream. It’s also getting more competitive, whether you’re an amateur or a pro. As a gamer myself, it’s great to see e-sports being recognised and legitimised. And just like other sports, having better and more comfortable vision can give you a competitive advantage.

You might have heard of Gunnar Glasses. They appear to be the leading brand in this arena. But we have the capability of making you a custom pair of gaming glasses every bit as good AND tailor made to your preferences.

What makes a set of glasses specialised for gaming?

There are 3 key aspects:


Blue light has some negative effects on our vision. Because it’s the highest energy form of visible light, it tends to scatter more. This is why LED headlights dazzle us, for example. Modern LCD and LED displays emit a lot of Blue Light, which a yellow filter will almost completely eliminate. This gives you sharper vision, with no glare and helps to prevent your eyes from tiring.


When we are intensely focussed, such as when gaming, we tend to hardly blink. This means our eyes can dry out quickly, making them irritated and blurry. A wrapped frame can dramatically reduce air circulation around the eyes, alleviating this effect.


When we look at something up close, our eyes ‘accommodate’. Basically this means the muscles in the eye work to make the close object in focus. Long periods of close focussing therefore may overwork our eyes. Remember the muscles in your eye are the most active in your body! And when gaming you need to rapidly look all around the screen. Having a slight +0.25 extra prescription in your glasses does the accommodative work for your eyes, so they can focus on what’s important.

3 of the best frames for gaming glasses

  • Undostrial

  • Smith Optics

  • Carrera

Whether you’re into FPS or RTS, Gaming glasses can give you the advantage

They also help you keep gaming longer

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