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Apple Glass Details Leaked!

In our latest video, we explore the first leaks around Apple’s upcoming wearable technology, ‘Apple Glass’. Apple aren’t the first to invest time and money in researching smart glasses, but

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Trend Alert: Minimalist Glasses

Minimalist products are something that many of us are attracted to. But what defines minimalism? Take an iPad. Beneath its exterior, it might be complex, but aesthetically, it’s simple. Clean.

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The 3 best value glasses brands in 2020

With the economic uncertainty surrounding the global Coronavirus pandemic, people are understandably looking to be more careful with their money. Whilst glasses are important, it’s possible to get great quality

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Blue Light

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

 How they work So many of us now spend a large part of our day staring at digital screens. Whether it’s your smartphone, your tablet, your computer or a TV,

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Chloe Eyewear

Exploring the world of Chloe’

Chloe’ Eyewear Chloe’ have been at the absolute forefront of mainstream eyewear fashion for the past few years, creating style after style that hits the mark when it comes to

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