3 Steps to Better Vision

Your journey with us will ensure you experience your world more clearly than ever.


"I had forgotten I would be able to see this well"

G Tiller

Step 1.

More than a prescription

- get your i.Scription

Our expert optometrists carry out a thorough examination of your eyes before assessing your vision using the Zeiss i.Profiler. This unique technology maps the ‘fingerprint’ of your eye. The resulting ‘i.Scription’ enhances the colour and contrast of your view.

Step 2.

See the difference

- in Virtual Reality

Did you know that the type of lenses you choose in your glasses can have a big impact on how you see? We show you in VR how your new lenses can improve your every day life.

Step 3.

For your eyes only

– the Visufit 1000

Using the Visufit 1000, every aspect of how you wear your glasses will be measured, so your glasses can be made to the highest accuracy – making your vision more comfortable and clear.

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