Our Products and Services
are as Unique as YOU

The Spectacle Factory began in 1996 because we are passionate about eyewear and believe in offering a different way, a better way of servicing people with eyewear needs. During the last two decades our business has continually evolved to meet our customers needs.

We believe that seeing the best you possibly can is something we can together strive for


To guarantee this, we embrace technology and constantly scour the world searching for the latest innovations to find amazing solutions for our customers’ visual needs.

Only reputable companies such as Carl Zeiss and Hoya who have high levels of quality control and rigorous testing of their lenses are allowed to manufacture lenses for our customers. Very often we’re able to propose a solution the client didn’t even know was possible.



We enjoy taking the time to really understand our customers’ needs. Through in depth conversations we can determine our customer’s requirements and identify the perfect solution.

Using iPad software, we show our customers exactly how different lenses can help improve their vision.

Through education we empower our customers to decide which is the best solution for them.

Within our lab, our dedicated technicians give care and attention to each stage of the manufacturing process. Each pair of spectacles passes through our meticulous quality control process ensuring that every pair of spectacles we make is perfect.

At the spectacle factory, we don’t believe in producing just a pair of glasses, we produce bespoke pieces of eyewear to give unique solutions to each of our individual customers.  With over 90 years of collaborative knowledge and experience our team at The Spectacle Factory is dedicated to giving you the best choice with the best service at the best prices.