If you’re looking for the best vision for your passion, we can help you achieve it. We also use cutting-edge technology frames to give you specific advantages, like superior adhesion in warmer conditions.

Specialist Manufacturing

We’re proud to be able to produce virtually any prescription in almost any frame. If you’ve been told you can’t have the design of frame you want, the chances are we can make it happen. Our on-site facilities allow us to hand make certain pieces to your specifications.

Peripheral Vision

Most sports require excellent peripheral vision. However not all frames and not all lenses allow you to see things clearly in every area you need to.


Our sports frames are designed to meet any challenge. We know that you need your eyewear to perform as well as you do. Sportswear needs to be resistant to impacts and cover your eyes from all directions.

How’s Your Sports Performance?

Compete like a pro, with high performance
sports eyewear from The Spectacle Factory

Every aspect of every sport requires good vision. Every shot, every stroke, every ride, every catch. If you want the best vision for your passion, with or without prescription, we will help you achieve it.

From tennis to golf to cycling to football, a great performance starts with great vision

We guarantee to improve your vision,
or your money back

Here are some examples of how we do it:

Smith Pivlock V2

The lightest cycling frame in the world

The lightest cycling frame in the world, as worn by the Garmin Cervelo team in the Tour De France. Featuring a revolutionary interchangeable lens system, including photochromic and  polarized options, and a special grip material that adheres more as it absorbs moisture.

Maui Jim Breakwall

with HT® Lenses

The ideal eyewear for golf with patented technology which reveals every undulation in the grass, helping you to read every green perfectly. They dramatically improve contrast and eliminate glare, even in low light, meaning you can play your shots with  pinpoint precision. As worn by Matt Kuchar.

Did you know: 90% of sports-related eye injuries
are preventable with the right eyewear

As a specialist manufacturer, we at The Spectacle Factory are able to produce virtually any prescription in virtually any frame. Book an appointment or come in for a chat and discover what we can to for your vision.